Wonder Wood Ranch

Wonder Wood Ranch
Marlo Schalesky
8100 Wild Horse Road

Wonder Wood Ranch, a 501(c)3 charitable organization located in Prunedale, California, serves low income, underprivileged, and homeless kids and youth from high crime, at risk areas of Monterey County. Kids learn about horses and ride, usually for the first time in their lives. The look on a kid’s face when he first sits on a horse and realizes there can be more to life than gangs, drugs, and desperation is amazing! From atop a horse, kids find a new perspective, a better perspective, on life. 

We also provide crafts, snacks, archery, lessons in grooming, donkey care (Everybody loves donkeys!), and other fun farm animals such as chickens, bunnies, pigs, and a couple chinchillas. We are always thinking up new programs, so check back often for news and new opportunities!