Meet Our Board Member Linda McGlone

Linda McGlone

Linda McGlone, MPH, Coordinator,
STRYVE Youth Violence Prevention Program

CASP Interviewed Linda to find out more about the work that she does for the community and how being part of CASP increases the impact of her time and efforts.


CASP: Why are you a part of CASP and what does it mean to you? 
Linda: I’m a member of CASP because I recognize the challenge of reducing violence.  It takes a multi-sector collaborative, all pulling in the same direction to achieve such a goal.  Being a part of CASP gives me hope and the strength to believe that we can actually prevent violence from occurring, so that young people in Salinas are not hurt and go on to thrive.


CASP: What made you want to join the board of CASP?

Linda: I like the strategic thinking that a Board can do to achieve their goals.  I appreciate José’s leadership and the way that he has shaped  CASP.  I want to bring my skills in public health to the Board to contribute where I can.


CASP: How does CASP benefit the community?
Linda: CASP benefits the community by joining with residents to achieve the goals they have for their children and family.   And while we know that CASP has the capacity to reduce violent crime, CASP should continue to strive to give families a sense of safety, that allows them to go out and achieve their goals.

CASP: Why are you passionate about reducing youth violence?
Linda: I think in part because my cousin was shot and killed in Chicago - where I’m from.  In Salinas the death of Azael Cruz really put a face on this problem for me; and then meeting his parents was so awfully sad.  Public health training gives you skills to tackle wicked problems like violence.  As a part of CASP I believe those skills can be put use to prevent youth violence.