Meet Our Board Member Susie Brusa

Susie Brusa

What is your vision for CASP? 

My vision for CASP is that it will include all the people it includes now plus more community members so that we have a stronger voice from the community and that voice doesn’t always have to be in English!  The BHC (Building Healthy Communities) isn’t at the table but I would love for them to be included.  The time we meet might be something that is keeping people from attending but it works for so many and it works for increasing numbers of people and the time might be a factor that is effecting communicating with people.  I love it when graduates from the Youth Leadership Academy are at the table.  We have a lot of grassroots efforts who are already a part of CASP, for example A Time for Grieving and Healing.


What made you want to join the Board of CASP? 

I believe in the mission of CASP and it’s a good way to be more involved.  The idea that it is a convening and a professional learning network.  Getting the whole community together to talk about these issues is so much easier through CASP.  If I need to talk to someone about Section 8 vouchers, I know who to connect with for that.


Do you have any special collections? What sort of special talents do you have? 

I don’t collect anything now.  I have collections of things that I have ceased collecting because I don’t want more junk.  But I do play the flute!  I used to play professionally but that is no way to make a living.