Meet our CASP Board Member Anthony Rocha


Anthony Rocha's Interview


1) Why are you a part of CASP and what does it mean to you? 

I am a part of CASP because collaboration is key to solving any community issue, especially Youth Violence. CASP means a lot to me. In many ways it’s a family of people who care about bettering Salinas. 


2) What made you want to join the board of CASP?

I joined CASP because as a Youth Commissioner for the City of Salinas I felt it was important for Youth to be represented in this very important organization. 


3) How does CASP benefit the community?

CASP benefits the community by having all voices at the table when talking about Youth Violence. It’s the only entity that has Law Enforcement, Education, Local Government and Non Profits working together. 


4) Why are you passionate about reducing youth violence?

I am passionate about reducing Youth Violence because everyone deserves a chance at a good life. Your zip code or socioeconomic status should not dictate whether you die at a young age or not. Youth are the future and all youth deserve to see that future.