Meet Our CASP Board Member Mayor Joe Gunter

Mayor Gunter

Joe Gunter, City of Salinas Mayor

CASP Interviewed Mayor Joe Gunter to find out more about the work that he does for the community and how being apart of CASP increases the impact of his time and efforts



CASP: What about CASP makes you get up at 7 a.m. twice a month?

Mayor: I get up at 7 a.m. twice a month because 70 very positive people are getting up and doing good work in the community, so as the mayor, I need to be there to support them.  These people are willing to work with the students that others have given up on; The homeless; the hungry; the drug-addicted.

The collaboration among the people happens before your eyes.  The positive energy in the room builds up during the meeting.  You know, sitting in the mayor’s office, you can lose sight of the positive, because people call to tell you everything you’re doing wrong all the time.  In CASP we hear all about what is going well in our community, and there is a lot going well.

The “do-ers” in the community are in that room.


CASP: For fun, if you had free time, what would you do?

Mayor: I haven’t golfed since I became the mayor!  I love going to the ocean…it reminds me of why I live here.  I love to go to sports events.  I also love to hike in Fr. Ord.  And I do cook very well.


I’d like to say to the people of CASP: you are making the community a better place.

Look at the results:  juvenile violence is declining.  Your work keeps youth off social service and gives them pride in themselves.