Door to Hope

Door to Hope
Leticia Fowler
130 W. Gabilan Street
831-758-0181 ext. 212

What We Do

When people of any age struggle with addiction, mental health issues, trauma or an unstable home life, they need competent and compassionate care. Our licensed, certified and professional staff brings an exceptional level of expertise in the science and psychology of behavioral health, which is matched by warm, supportive approaches. We love what we do, and it shows at every step.

Our History

In 1971, Door to Hope opened its doors with a residential treatment center for women in need who were struggling with alcohol and drug addiction. Over the years, we expanded our care to offer people in Monterey County much-needed behavioral health service programs. We collaborate with agencies, and receive support from businesses, individuals and charitable organizations to find innovative ways to change lives for the better.

Today, we have ten caring programs to help infants, children, teenagers, men, women and families. We have helped thousands of people, restored hope, happiness and productivity, and have enriched our communities in the process.