Jordan Jeske

Headshot of Jordan Jeske, smiling

Jordan Jeske
Founder, Cornerstone Hauling & Gardening and Cornerstone New Hope Ministry
Board of Directors

Jordan is Founder of Cornerstone Hauling & Gardening and Cornerstone New Hope Ministry. Cornerstone New Hope Ministries empowers lives impacted by incarceration, assisting men to get back on their feet and lead them down a path of being purpose-filled while contributing back to local communities. The program is a 3-prong approach to re-entry. They offer a structured living environment, sustainable work opportunities, and moral rehabilitation. Cornerstone believes that these three key components are essential to a successful reintegration back into society.

Cornerstone Hauling and Gardening is a company that is designed to help support individuals that have been incarcerated by reintegrating them into the workforce. Our core value is to encourage moral rehabilitation in each of our employees. They strongly believe that when the community comes together to support these men and women the better the chances these individuals will have at succeeding.

Jordan has been named to the Juvenile Justice Commission and recently received The CASP Safety and Peace Award. Jordan has often been heard stating, there is so much to do to help our community, find what is fruitful and follow the Lord to its fulfillment.” Jordan does this through partnerships within CASP and our Community to impact lives and show a better way.