Julianne Leavy

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Julianne Leavy
Executive Director, Harmony At Home
Board of Directors

Julianne Leavy is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and the Executive Director of Harmony At Home, a non-profit organization with the mission, to end the cycles of violence and abuse by empowering children and young adults with the knowledge, skills and confidence to lead healthy and productive lives.

Julianne was born in Los Angeles in 1964 and her family moved to Big Sur when she was 10 years old. She attended Captain Cooper Elementary School, Carmel Middle and Carmel High Schools. She then went off to college in San Diego and returned home in 1992. 

Julianne began her work in graduate school for Psychology in 1993 and in 1997, she created a school based counseling program called Sticks & Stones to address the need for interventions serving child victims of domestic violence in Monterey County.  Sticks & Stones targets children who have learned to express their feelings in unhealthy ways, and who are vulnerable to repeating patterns of violence they learn in their homes and communities.  The program consists of ten weekly meetings with small groups of children, where they learn healthy ways to express their feelings and are taught how to stay safe in dangerous situations.  

In 2003 Julianne wrote and published a book called “The Innocent Victims”, which is a handbook that looks at the effects of domestic violence on children and helps caretakers to understand and respond to their needs. The handbook is distributed to agencies and shelters around our nation.

In December of 2004 Julianne, with her brother Mike, founded Harmony At Home and began extending her counseling programs into more schools.  Over the past 14 years, Harmony At Home has impacted over 20,000 children, youth and families in our County alone through counseling, bullying prevention and family support.  

Currently, Julianne resides in Carmel Valley with her husband Charles and teenage son, Ryan.